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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to World Piece!

Time for The Obligatory Introduction, I suppose! I'm Kimberly. I also blog at The Urban Luddite and at Butterpat, the blog dedicated to my (hopefully) upcoming food cart. I cook a lot, and I like to bake. I especially like pie. I'm originally from Memphis, but now I'm in my forever home: beautiful Portland, Oregon. I got here by way of Australia's Gold Coast and then Hollywood, California, but it turns out I've been a Portlander my whole life, though I try to stay true to my Delta roots.

I'm interested in the world though, especially food politics and traditions. If you think there are no politics around food, then you're going to find this blog a fascinating read for sure. There is nothing more political than food! And as American corporations export a homogenous, malnourished culture to the rest of the world, there grows a pressing need to have a look at local food systems and the way they develop around the unique gifts that nature provides each region.

Originally, I set out to cook a meal from every country in the world. But I couldn't quite feel the point of the project while I was doing it, and it just didn't feel like it was the right thing to do. Then I realized that I should use my interest in (okay, obsession with) homemade pie, and bake a pie to honor every country in the world.

I'm not setting any wacky goals like doing this whole thing in a year. I'm a busy woman, and you're a busy reader. But I expect to contribute one national pie per week, maybe two every once in awhile, plus any political or pie-related musings I find relevant. If you like food, pie, different cultures, and the preservation of unique cultures, then follow this blog and share it around. It should be a pretty fun project.

Oh, and follow me on Twitter @UrbanLuddite!

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